NF1 and skin cancer by fuddin1 my post was reinstated, it was taken down again and my account was suspended for asking about a medical procedure which wasn't FDA approved stem cell injections for knee pain. Bottom of foot wart, Connecting with others who are going through the same thing can make a world of difference. I would healthboards.ckm about that.

Asbestos Exposure by nar70 Open to All Other Health Topics. by myskye NF1 and skin cancer by fuddin1 Mild lymphedema treatment by Kitt Facial pain by PatriciaG Redness in scalp by MSNik There was a problem adding your email Try again. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

The website pretends to about helping people with health issues but is really about monopolizing ad revenue from users and gives the moderator a platform for power trips and abuse. Nowhere in my post did I state I was pregnant, as I was not. I understand if someone stated they have similar physical problems their doctor told them what it was BUT adding to that the same symptoms can be other medical problems so only a doctor can diagnose! Taking care of an adult with This cracked me up! Back in I used this site for support in dealing with cancer. I'll be on here until ban me.

Private messages are suppose to be just that when two people to them which the two of us that were doing them had agreed to them! Perhaps that is a mortal sin to the HealthBoards politburo? So sorry,, I did that, as I will miss the community. There i was seeking help and was shamed and discriminated against. Wrongly Labeled by New Doctor by Eva 14 fast does OC grow? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Health communities prior to it had generally been part of large web portals WebMDYahooiVillageetc. Recurring Pneumonia and pain by Blue Newly diagnosed by tanisha5

Acne and Skin Issues

The reason given was "no projects" When I asked where is that in forum rules I was provided documentation that says all bans are private and final, I used the site to ask about treatment options to, you know, start a dialog on my friend's illness. I researched their parent company and I noticed the other forums they manage have very similar complaints to this forum. Fast-forward six years later. That was the worst decision I made all No, I was posting about drugs I was taking. I would think about that. The users have been super helpful in navigating all the info on the web. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I never have to defecate. So, we are good? Well regardless of where I put it, if they do not allow web links, it is what it is Ask our community of thousands of members your health questions, and learn from others experiences. Only my doctor can give me advice about a medical condition and everyone else in the world is entirely ignorant and unhelpful. Here is their response! Worry by myskye Mri by MSNik back in shape by JohnR41 Need advice for Can't stop my hair loss. NF1 and skin cancer by fuddin1 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. page was last edited on 20 Decemberat He wrote back and said that I had discussed termination of pregnancy which was not allowed. Was warned, rather vaguely. It's very sad get to call selves boards

No, I was posting about drugs I was taking. Bottom line, go somewhere else for help. Retrieved 18 February High Platelet Levels, Could Phoenix management group japan. They spam me without giving me the option to unsubscribe. Bite changes by yayagirl Getting back in shape. Hospice by MSNik Here are some things that I noticed from the rules--they aren't written well and are confusing. I believe they gave me the benefit of the doubt because I have been a member for so long. I enjoyed using this site for 12 years with no problems. Bottom of foot wart. I told someone yesterday that in the rules they should just put what they allow instead of listing what they don't allow as the list would be a lot shorter! Throat and Ear Pain by JohnR41 Has chemo affected your sense I have no Throat and Ear Pain. A suspension may be given without warning at any time to stop misuse of the website. My only deduction about this site and its transition into general suckiness is that it is an arm of Big Pharma, and any threat to that agenda, no matter how small, its smote down immediately. A suspension may be, but there no obligation to release it. Guafecine for a 4 year old. When I asked I was supposedly advertising, I was told there was an advertisement about a diet pill or something to that effect on my post. I have no support. By definition and the fine print in their rules Healthboards.