Every time I take an animal to the vet they have a new list of tests they want me to pay for. I have not been able to find these same products this cheap anywhere else. It includes private information. Their products are the real thing and sooo much cheaper. The language on the box is sketchy too. If you want your response to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review. Orders shipped from Australia in the past have been legit. Frontline plus, Generic heart worm pills, Wormer. I live in FLorida and have never had

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Write a reviews message as Pet Shed verified representative. I think that is illegal and I reported it to FDA. I go through paypal Sexual exploitation of children. Shed any case, new owners quickly learn to keep such items off the floor. Ordered by Robin Budin. Trust me about the legal system How long does shipping take? I get their generic heartworm prevention. It's posted to the wrong business. Hi, I ordered from petshed. I've received my products within a few days of ordering. The place was sprayed. Its inch-wide head sweeps a broad swath of floor with each pass, so cleaning a pet room takes only a few minutes. Any one can help with this?

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Yes 1 No 2. Also, supposedly, Pet Shed is available 24 hours on days but everytime I call the answering machine jumps on. For order tracking, they have none. I do t trust them at all. I buy from them all the time and everything has worked out fine!

Prev 1 of 2 2 Next. I ordered on Dec 2it was shipped out on Dec 3 It generally takes days to get to me. Wont do business with them again. I kept him away from the other cats a few more days. Sites You Might Also Like. Pet have been ordering from PetShed. I know it quite intimately. Your Name or Login. Thanks for providing this product for my dog and cats. Our dog Rowdy has been taking this product for years. US acquired Advantage II. I didn't like Could not explain why reviews could not pay with paypal. Peh called them again shed said I was filing a complaint with the Atty.

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Yes 2 No 0. Feb 21, I still hadn't received my order. It's the person, not the product. Put the pill in peanut butter and the dogs take it easily. Irresponsible and immature complaint that the "Revolution" they sell does not work when the complainer admits he does not have knowledge that it is not the genuine product.

I cannot believe how much I saved! Customer service is horrible. I never had problems until now. Yes 7 No 0. Yes 1 No 2. My dog was double dosed with flea poison inside AND out and was still being attacked. Robot vacuums work only on floors, and most handheld vacuums are too weak to clean pet hair off upholstery because they lack a rolling brush head. It appears to be an ineffective knock off. This business is closed or doesn't exist. Yes it took a while for it to ship from Hong Kong but it was worth it Are products shippepd from Australia or Hong Kong? Pet Shed - Credit card hacked!!! For upholstery Robot vacuums work only on floors, and most handheld vacuums are too weak to clean pet hair off upholstery because they lack a rolling brush head. Trust me about the legal reviews Bad customer service and shed policy. Pet Shed Shipping Service. Have something to say revieww Pet Shed? So you should still reviws pet manual vacuum on hand for occasional deep cleaning.